Arrowhead Golf Carts - Sun City, AZ |Golf Cart Rentals and Dealership near Sun City, Arizona

The carts we sell and rent out are extremely popular among residents of the retirement community of Sun City, Arizona, a short distance from our shop in Peoria. Golfing is a popular sport in the city but many people find our carts an easy and relaxing way to get around.

At Arrowhead Golf Carts we not only provide all the leading brands of carts – including Yamaha and Melex – we also offer every conceivable service to keep them in safe and efficient working order. If a client wants them customized by adding seats, doors, or a tailgate, we can provide that for them. And we give the vehicles regular tune-ups and maintenance checks.

The carts are either battery powered or gas powered. Those that use gas last for longer on the road and allow for further distance travel. The electric carts are better for shorter distances and minimal use. The average size motor on a cart ranges from 9-11 horsepower, and five gallons of gas is the maximum fill line amount.

Our golf cart shop is fully stocked with batteries to power any type of electric vehicle. We sell US American batteries that are anything from 6 to 8 volts, and require a battery charger from 36 volts to 72 volts. We carry new and used chargers, and the average charge time is typically around eight hours.

Golf cart tires are sold on site at our shop in Peoria, along with rims that come in standard white, and custom hubcaps. Just like a regular car, we use air impact guns and jacks to lift up the carts in order to change the tires. If there is a small hole in the tire, we use a tire plug kit as an option.

Sun City residents who need a golf cart for whatever use should make Arrowhead Golf Carts their number one choice. We provide a quality service at a reasonable price and we offer more than three decades of experience. So why not call us today on (602) 730-6728.